Hello, I’m Kristen and, yes, I am a mommy blogger. That is, I am a mom and I am a blogger. But this blog won’t be a litany of anecdotes about my kids, as cute as they are. Instead, my goal is to create and nurture an online community to explore issues relevant to the experience of parents in the 21st century.

In my former life, I lived in New England and taught history at a prep school. Then I got pregnant, Husband finished his Ph.D. and got a college teaching job, and we relocated to a small Midwestern town. In the past four years, I’ve had three children and my life has become full of spit-up, pureed vegetables, and play groups. The times – and the diapers – they are a changin’.

As much as I appreciate the chance to be at home with my kids, I miss the camaraderie of my career days and find myself searching for others who speak my dialect. That search has brought me online, to a world of writing by and about parents. I’m interested here in responding to that world and creating a dialogue both with it and with other people interested in the problems and promise of being a parent.

You may contact me at mothereseblog [at] gmail [dot] com.


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  1. Kristen,
    I wanted to say thank you for your recent comments on my blog and tell you that I, too, and excited by the relationships I am forming through blogging. I don’t have as many followers as you, and I do not think they are as intimate (which is a testament to your talent), but I am often referring to you and others at the dinner table. (Though I call you Motherese, as though it’s your name. I don’t know why.)

    I also am grateful that you mentioned your submission to The Kitchen Table because it was coincidental that I has just written a post on faith, so I sent it in and they’ve accepted.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog.


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  3. does anyone have a transcript of themselves or someone doing motherese? or a video of it?

  4. It’s great to meet another mom who craves something other than playgrounds and playgroups and diapers. For so long I thought I was the only one! I look forward to reading more…

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  7. I have enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more. You are not alone. I am new to blogging, but amazed so far at the wonderful people here. I may be mom, but I am also still me. I lost sight of that once or twice or a zillion times, but see it more clearly now than ever.

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