Two Years

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You are a young woman. You are a middle-aged man. You are childless. You are a mother of five. You live in Cambodia. You live in Chicago. You are a marketing professional. You stay at home with your kids. You want to be a writer when you grow up.

I met one of you in person at a suburban Starbucks near where I grew up.  I shared iced coffee and dreams with another of you on the Upper West Side. I talked peanut butter cups and writing with one of you over lunch this summer.  I enjoyed my first weekend away from my three children with two of you earlier this fall. Some of you sent me handmade gifts when my daughter was born this winter. Some of you I only know by a mysterious moniker or a coy avatar.

But all of you – all of my blogging buddies – are my friends.

Little did I know when I wrote a hasty but heartfelt comment on one of your blog posts two years ago that I would be typing my way into a digital community – one that has supported and challenged me with each letter I write and each word I read. When I found myself living in a new town trying to navigate a new identity as a mom, I reached out to you and you welcomed me. You laughed with me. You let me laugh at you. You asked the right questions. You gave me the right answers.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I don’t know if that’s true. What I do know is that it takes a village to raise a mother. And you – you virtual and very real friends of mine – have helped raise me.

On this, the two year anniversary of Motherese, I thank you for your friendship.


84 responses to “Two Years

  1. Happy Blog Anniversary to you, and I am so happy to have met you here. I always enjoy your writing, and I would like to thank you for being such a very generous blogger. Congratulations Sweet Lady!

  2. Welcome (again!) to the spinning world! We’re so glad you’ve come.Happy Blog Birthday.

  3. Happy Blog Anniversary ! I wish you many more on this journey . Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  4. Hello My Dear Friend on this wonderful blogiversary! You have made such a difference in my life, and I too am so glad that we found this virtureal world to connect. Keep writing! There is so much more to share in this village of making mothers. xo

  5. I love that you’re here.

  6. Happy, happy birthday. My world has been unimaginably enriched by your decision, two years ago, to start typing here. Thank you for that. xox

    • And thank you for inspiring me to start blogging. Had I never started reading your blog and Aidan’s, I never would have started Motherese. Without your writing, I may never have started my own. And, for that, I owe you an immense debt, my dear friend. xoxo

  7. Delighted to be a part of your world. And thanks for being part of mine. Happy Anniversary!

    Delia Lloyd

  8. Love this! I feel the same way about my blogging and Twitter buds. You said it perfectly. Happy 2-year! My 1-year is in a few weeks. Still thinking about what I want to say about it. Thanks for this!

  9. Oh Kristen, thank you! And congratulations on two years! As I come up on my one year anniversary (closer to two since I began delving into the world of blogging as a reader), I am amazed by the breadth and depth of connection to be found in the Wireless World, and cannot imagine that world without your voice in it.

    Thank you.

  10. Happy anniversary! And thank you for creating this friendly space. xoxo

  11. Happy two years Kristen. Blogging has been a blessing for me.

  12. Happy two years, beautiful lady!

  13. Happy anniversary! What a lovely letter. 🙂

  14. Happy Blog Anniversary! Sometimes I have doubts about this technological age in which we live, but I never, ever doubt my gratitude for the friendships built through blogging.

  15. I simultaneously celebrate you, navigate by you and cross-consciously come into virtual being along with you—and all our collective friends who I strive to love and appreciate, trusting that if you meet them I too meet them in some dawning sense of connecting instead of competing, of loving instead of winning and/or losing, of the poetry of reckoned but uncounted tapping across devices growing too numerous to account for.

  16. Happy, happy blogaversary to you! I, for one but I’m sure I speak for many, am so glad you’re here! xoxo

  17. BTW, I think that I accidentally commented using my Nanowrimo identity so my comment probably got caught up in spam.

    Either way I am grateful to have become your friend.

  18. Time flies. I feel as if I have been checking out your blog for years. I just looked at my own blog and realized I wrote my first post almost four years ago. Time flies when you are losing your memory! And proving my point, I see that I had already written “time flies” several sentences ago.

    Anyway, congrats and wishing you many more years (or at least until there is some other technology that makes blogging obsolete).

  19. Happy Blogiversary! I’m so glad to have met you online — and in person — on this crazy journey. And I love what you say about it taking a village to raise a mother. It isn’t something that happens overnight, and it isn’t something that happens alone. Here’s to many more happy years!

  20. Happy Anniversary to you! I couldn’t imagine the blogosphere without you.

  21. Congrats, my friend, on a wonderful two years. It has been a true privilege to blog alongside you and to get to know you as a virtureal, and very much real, friend. Look forward to seeing what the next year brings!

  22. So true and so beautifully said. Happy #2! 🙂

  23. Oh you, happy two years and yes! Our village is stunning, and I’m honored to share it with you! xo

  24. Happy bloggy birthday! I have really grown to love the blogging community again. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us!

  25. Kristen, Although I don’t always comment, I ALWAYS read — devotedly, curiously, gratefully. Your questions make me think, your honesty inspires me to more truth, and your graceful insight is always a welcome pause in my day. Happy anniversary my dear!

    • Thank you, Katrina, for your steadfast support. (By the way, I blame you for the puffy eyes I’m sporting today: I read the chapter in Ordinary Day on eQuanimiti’s recovery from shingles last night before bed and was moved to tears by your description of the partners who appear to us once we open ourselves to seeing them. Beautiful.) xo

  26. Congratulations! Your words lift me up every time. I feel as if I am in your living room. Thank you! xoxo

  27. Happy Anniversary Kristen! You are one of my faves. Your posts inspire me. And I am so lucky that we intersected in this virtureal world. Thank you. (P.S. you make a great Words With Friends buddy too).

  28. Happy blog anniversary! The blogosphere really has its quirky ways of connecting people.

  29. Kristen, Happy Anniversary and thank you for such a beautiful tribute to blogging and the friends we’ve all made on here. I consider myself very fortunate to have met you in the Gotham Blogging class (online, of course!) since I was able to follow you right out of there into the amazing community of which you were already a part.

    Here’s to many more!

    • Thank you, Linda! Can you believe that Gotham class was two years ago!? And what a writerly journey you have had since then! (Hey, maybe you should write one of those “success stories” for the Gotham newsletter…you know, with all of your free time.) 🙂

      • I wrote one for them one time when my piece was accepted by Brain Child after I took the Freelance Writing class.

        I love Gotham but I have to say that any time I tried to implement anything I learned in the Memoir classes it ruined the book, isn’t that weird? What I learned from my professors and workshops is really what I used.

        • What an interesting insight, Linda. Thanks for sharing it. I’m impressed that you were able to listen to your own instinct and voice enough to prioritize them over advice that didn’t seem to be working.

  30. Mothers need villages, and I’m so glad the internet lets us find ours, during naptime, late in the night, and at odd snatches of moments here and there. I’m glad you’re part of the village I read. 🙂

  31. Wow! Two years Kristen!? It is hard to believe that I’ve been in this “world” that long too! I haven’t written much lately, I’ve been the quiet observer for a little while. But, like you, I always turn to my friends in this space and it’s like I’m home.

    Thank you for all your beautiful stories and questions that make me think.

    Happy Blog Birthday!

  32. Well happy happy blogiversary to you, dear one. Your last line, “it takes a village to raise a mother” is so spot-on wonderful that it gave me goose bumps. Love to you. xo

  33. What a lovely, lovely way to pay tribute to your two years of blogging, Kristen. It takes a village to raise a mother. I love that.

  34. I’m late to the party, but send heartfelt thoughts on your 2-year anniversary. And it does indeed take a village to raise a mother, and perhaps to hold her up, as she moves into the next stage.

    Here’s to the village, to all the villages, and the good spirits that inhabit them.

  35. Happy blogoversary. You have been a tremendous asset to the community.

  36. You’ve built such a strong and beautiful community here with your writing, and in only two years! Can’t wait to see where the next two take you. Look out, Judith Warner.

  37. Wow. Look at all these folks! Congratulations, Kristin. I remember reading Mists of Avalon many years ago and being so astonished by the community of women. It’s not that you restrict yourself in any way, just that the sisterhood is so palpable. It’s a privilege to be included here.

  38. happy birthday to your blog, Kristin… I am glad that I find your blog…
    I enjoy reading your blog


  39. Congrats on your anniversary. I am glad to have found you and I hope you get a book done one day. I’ll definitely read it.

  40. Happy, happy two years my friend. Your blog is one of my favorite places on the Internet; it emanates so much warmth and talent that I was drawn to it from the moment I visited you, and you continue to inspire me to this day.

    Like you, I am grateful for this digital community. Who knew how much love and life there are on our screens? Oh right. That’s because there are real people behind them. People like you. I hope I get to meet you in real life someday. You know, a little less pixelated 🙂

    It would be wonderful.

  41. Yours is still one of my very favorite blogs. Thank you for creating such a wonderful blog community!

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