The Correctionists Take on Preschool (Again)

Too bad no one on the “experience” staff of Little Einstein Learning Center took time to proofread their Yellow Pages advertisement.

Alas, it seems that bad grammar is plaguing our nation’s preschools.  (For more evidence, check out this post by Jana.)  But not to worry: the Correctionists are organized and ready to right these wrongs, one post at a time.

Want to learn more about the Correctionists?  Please read this introduction by Amy at Never-True Tales.

Have a great weekend and stay vigilant!  Bad grammar can strike at any time.


16 responses to “The Correctionists Take on Preschool (Again)

  1. Oh, I love this. Perhaps you’ve heard the story of my sister, your friend, who has a child (as in, under 8) wrote a letter to Star Market to advise them that “8 items or less” was incorrect. And now? “8 items or fewer.” I love this series. Also huge peeves of mine: erroneous hyphenation and incorrect quotation marks. xox

  2. I wonder how often people recognize their mistakes after all the prints are made and just say, “Ah, f–k it.” 🙂

  3. What bothers me almost as much as when people feel the need to Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Single Word. Writer/layout person: Your entire ad is not a title; don’t be afraid of sentence caps.

  4. Hilarious!!! As I am in the market for a pre-school, this is the perfect post to remind me why I check credentials. : )

  5. Well, this preschool is right next to Dairy Queen, so I’m going! 😉
    I think the typo that bugs me the most as I see it more and more is the confused S. Apostrophe S or plural S? People just have no clue. Add acronyms to the equation and they’re completely lost. Seriously, ATM’s? Argh.

  6. I just love this series of ours! So satisfying to call these peeps out!

  7. I just love when a business has a name like that and then botches something. I mean these are the people who might teach your child how to read for crying-out-loud!

  8. AHH! This just happened to me this week, as I sent out an email asking for donations and in my rush, did not proofread efficiently. With no way to take them all back, I was left to cringe at the thought of what the recipients would think of my two mistakes (one spelling, the other, an omission)…This from an elementary school teacher who detests grammatical errors!

    Next time, a saved draft and at least five minutes to proofread accordingly…

  9. Wow. This ad turns errors into an art form. I like the “ahh f–k it” theory!

  10. I am sensing a common thread with regard to preschools.

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