I Wonder…

Image by bbaunach.

…when will be the next day of my life that passes without hearing someone cry?

I’m not certain if Big Brother has had a day yet when he hasn’t shed a tear.  I know for certain that Little Brother and Baby Sister have never gone for more than a few hours without crying.

So when will it be?  How old will they be?  How old will I be when we have a day without tears?

What are you wondering about today?


24 responses to “I Wonder…

  1. My guess is you won’t even notice. And then one day you’ll think about it and think, wow, they don’t cry!

  2. I am wondering when the day will come when my girls A) don’t take over an hour to go to sleep at night, accompanied by much getting out of bed and big sister instigating little sister toward naughtiness, and B) eat breakfast without having to be reminded every thirty seconds to not get out of their chairs, and take another bite.

    These days when they are so young are so challenging, aren’t they? Here’s hoping your littles give you some tear-free hours, at least, and soon!

  3. I’m wondering about how just 15 minutes ago I was totally and completely motivated to clean the entire house… and now that motivation is gone!! 🙂
    Happy Friday lady!

  4. The crying is tough. The whining is killer. The day the whining stops I will celebrate with much pageantry. That day will truly be rejoiced as a miracle of miracles.

    I hope you have some tear free peace very soon Kristen!

  5. In the back of my mind lingers the thought that in 3 weeks time when I kiss my son good-bye I won’t see him for more than 2 weeks at a time over the next 9 years.

    • This is something I’m so grateful for in our blogging community with all of us at different points in the parenting journey: the reminder that, whatever the challenges of the current stage, time will march on with its unstoppable beat and that someday in the not-so-distant future, I’ll be wishing for these days of tears and too-much-touching.

      Thanks for this perspective today, Erica.

  6. Hmmm…I have a 10 and two 6’s and at least someone cries almost every single day (sometimes its me)…if at least two of them cry before breakfast, I inform the other one it’s his turn. You have a long way to go! I’m not wondering much today, but daydreaming about a big vacation plan! (I guess I wonder if we’ll all come out the other end intact!)

  7. Oh, those first months are so hard! You’re tired, you’re tugged, you’re trying hard to juggle it all. You’re still healing.

    I wonder why MEN don’t seem as affected by a baby crying as women?


  8. I wonder this, too! And in particular I wonder when I won’t wake up to crying. I would relish the idea of waking up slowly, without my motherly hormones surging as I franticly rush to my little (or big) one. It will be a peaceful day indeed when that happens…

  9. I wonder when I’m going to sleep in past 6 am. But then I realize that when this time comes, the boys will be old enough to not need me so much and this makes me a bit sad.

  10. Oh, I long for a calm, quiet day. Or even an hour?

  11. I wonder if my boys will grow up to be best friends. Tough to imagine given the level of fighting and tormenting going on around here.

  12. Haha, I wonder the same thing every day. Will the whining and crying ever stop??? And I’m not even talking about the kids! 😉

  13. Today I wonder whether my head will explode or lasers will shoot out of my eyes. Or will today be the day when I can truly use the force and strangle the next person to cut me off.

    Been a long, long, long day.

  14. I’m wondering why I still can’t leave the house alone. Even when I laid all the groundwork and did the prep work to fly solo tonight, I wound up an hour later when 2 kids in the backseat while the hubs laid back and nursed a “headache.” Yeah. I know all about headaches. You power through them … unless you’re the other parent, I guess.

  15. I heard all the crying at night. Something wrong with my wiring, I guess.

    Today our son woke up and went downstairs and played without waking us. First time ever. He’s soon to be nine. Not sure what to make of this.

  16. Although my children cry rarely now, I cry a little on many days, and I hear crying on most days as at least one of my clients feels deeply what they are sharing with me… a lot of tears I suppose, but a much happier life than decades ago when neither I nor anyone I dealt with cried with any regularity. Maybe the crying is raw pain and the depression and anxiety are the, ultimately ineffective strategies for avoiding the true pain?

    It is said that the bitterness of tears becomes the salt of wisdom… but does the salt of wisdom become the popcorn of time spent luxuriant in quiet darkness?

  17. I wonder when I will have a day when I don’t end it wanting to cry myself…I need a day to myself…seriously….

  18. I’m wondering when the heck I’ll have time to work out!

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